3. Worship!
Each gathering is marked by vibrant, expressive worship, as people unashamedly lift their hearts, voices, and hands in adoration unto the King of Kings!  At various times people may clap, kneel, dance, lay prostrate, weep, laugh, shout, etc.  We encourage you to feel totally free  as you express your heart to God. (Jn 4:23-24) 

4. Acceptance!
Guess what?  No pretense needed in The Father’s House!  Got some problems?  Join the club!  Church was never meant to be a place that you can only attend if you are perfect!  People who pretend they have it all together are phony anyway!  Come as you are, and be transparent.  You will find loving people who also are working through their own “stuff,” and will pray with you, stand with you, and help you grow. (Eph 1:3-6)
Our Values

The Bible
Making the Bible relevant and applicable to our daily lives

Developing a passion and hunger for prayer

Having Christ-like character developed in every member of our church

Pursuing an intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father

                        Learning how to hear God’s voice and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit

Welcoming the Holy Spirit, recognizing His power to  save, heal, speak, and change lives

Marriage and Family
Helping people build solid marriages and become better parents

Training effective leaders with good character, humble hearts and a desire to serve people

Ministry Training
Helping people understand their callings, training them  to reach maximum potential, releasing them to use their gifts in fruitful ministry  
Financial Health
                 Teaching good financial stewardship, consistent tithing and giving habits; 
                                              showing believers how to advance vocationally, 
                                   prosper financially, and  make wise decisions and investments

Sharing the good news of salvation wherever we have opportunity

Displaying God’s love to people in practical ways through servant-evangelism

Promoting unity in the body of Christ, willingness to relate to, and network with other churches

"The Father’s House is a church that values the Presence of God.  Our goals are to be a local church that is a 'safe place', where people can be themselves and be accepted and loved unconditionally. We want to be a church where people can be free to worship God as expressively as they wish, without feeling self-conscious.  Our music is positive and upbeat, and our lyrics often contain intimate expressions of our love for God. We try to make our teaching spiritually uplifting, while being relevant to the practical challenges we face every day."
-Pastor Mike Guarnieri
Welcome to The Father's House Website

1. Passion!
Jesus was consumed with zeal for His Father’s house, and so are we.  Church is a lot more than a religious institution or a social club to us...it’s the very House of God!  We’re madly in love with Him, and not ashamed to show it!  (John 2:17)

2. Presence!
What is the Father’s House without the Presence of our Wonderful Heavenly Father?  We invite Him to come and take over each and every service!  We subjugate our agenda in favor of His, and He takes us up on the invitation.  There is a wonderful spontaneity in each service as the Father “takes over.”  Often we feel an overwhelming sense of His presence, peace and power.  (1 Jn 3:19-20)
5. Family!
In the Father’s House, we can be free and childlike in our love for Father God.  Rather than stuffy religion, there is a sense that we are all brothers and sisters.  The services feel more like a gathering of His kids, and we are coming to Daddy’s table for a delicious meal, lots of fun talk, and fellowship.  Family is a place where you can “let your hair down” and be loved and accepted as you are, because you are part of a family.   (Eph 5:1)

6. Prayer! 
We believe in the power of real prayer!  Jesus said “With God, ALL things are possible.”  We’ve found that to be true!  We have seen many mighty miracles, physical healings, financial blessings, addictions broken, and souls saved as a result of believing prayer!  (James 5:16)
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7. Diversity!
The Father sets the members in the body of Christ as it pleases him!  Just as an earthly Father loves to see the different personalities in all his children, so our Heavenly Father rejoices in our diversity.  People from all different backgrounds are welcome at the Father’s House. (1 Co 12:12-26) 
8. Identity!
You cannot truly know who you are until you intimately know your Father, and experience the security that comes from His unconditional and unwavering love!  As your relationship deepens with Father God, He takes you by the hand through the process of personal healing, and discovering your gifts, so you can help others. (1 Jn 3:1-2)